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Freelance hourly rates

Trying to decide your hourly freelance rate can be a tough decision. Are you priced too high? too low? What does do other freelancers like you charge? Have no fear, the folks over at Bonsai (an online contact builder for freelancers) … Continue reading

05. November 2015 by dan corcoran

I Shot Him

OK. Where have I been you may ask? You probably didn’t ask yourself that.. So I won’t answer a question that wasn’t asked. ANYWAYS! I came across the site for I Shot Him, an awesome studio hailing from San Francisco. … Continue reading

21. January 2013 by dan corcoran


I love nice clean design. I especailly have a place close to my heart for clean vector iconography. So the portfolio of Stefan Dziallas (iconwerk) is right up my alley. He’s got an awesome list of clients and an even better … Continue reading

22. October 2012 by dan corcoran


You may, or may not, have heard about Red Bull Stratos. A fella by the name of Felix Baumgartner made a supersonic freefall from 120,000 ft that was very awesome to watch. While he was preparing to throw himself out of the … Continue reading

15. October 2012 by dan corcoran

Art of the Menu

So apparently UnderConsideration (those who have brought us Brand New) has division called Art of the Menu. And let me tell you, if you love design.. and food menus, this is for you. Seriously, this is some awesome design work here. … Continue reading

30. September 2012 by dan corcoran

New Myspace?

So.. Remember that site we all used to use before Facebook? No.. After Livejournal.. No, not Geocities. Myspace. Apparently its going to be all new! Theres a new video that shows it in its new fashion forward design style. It … Continue reading

24. September 2012 by dan corcoran

Cara & Dave’s Wedding Invites

Like i’ve said before. Knowing talented people has some amazing perks. Getting their wedding invites is one of them. Very awesome design, great attention to detail and can’t wait for the wedding (sorry if you weren’t invited. )

18. September 2012 by dan corcoran

Awesome W+K Studio Birthday Cards

Found these great birthday cards by W+K Studio through a post on swiss-miss a while back. Just had to go out and get them. Got them in the mail and already used a couple. Great detail and very cool idea. Check … Continue reading

14. September 2012 by dan corcoran

Curator & Mule summer package

Curator & Mule is a service i’ve signed up for this summer. It’s fairly new but long story short, they put together some great fashion accessories and deliver them right to your house. They even put in a nice little note. Very … Continue reading

12. September 2012 by dan corcoran

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