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App Icon Templates

Who doesn’t love a sweet app icon? No one, thats who. Now, who doesn’t love making it easier to make sexy app icons? No one (see the pattern?). Well, Now there is an easy way to make app icons for … Continue reading

26. June 2014 by dan corcoran

Inline link style inspiration

The amazing thing over the last 10 years with the web (and all things digital) is the amount of control you have over all the different elements. The attention to every little detail of the damn sexy UI your creating … Continue reading

25. June 2014 by dan corcoran

Virigin American Booking Site

As some of you may have seen/heard about already, Virgin America has overhauled their booking experience. The reason I’m even posting about it is because of the drastic change they’ve made to the user experience in an effort to reimagine/reinvent … Continue reading

23. June 2014 by dan corcoran

Ghostlab / Device-Lab

For those of us who have to test websites on multiple devices there seems to be two ways to go. One, is something like BrowserStack which lets you test them all through a browser (which is nice) or two, actually … Continue reading

16. June 2014 by dan corcoran

404, say what?

How many times have you seen a 404 page and thought, ‘I NEED TO SHOW THIS TO EVERYONE’? Well, the time has come. You need to see this 404 page. Go ahead, go there and keep refreshing the page. Brought … Continue reading

13. June 2014 by dan corcoran


I’m not sure about you but I enjoy easy ways to stay up on design news and get some inspiration. Well, Panda has found a really simple way to help me out. Created by two fellas, Ahmet Sülek and William Channer, Panda has … Continue reading

13. June 2014 by dan corcoran

Spice up your credit card form

So, most of us have bought a thing or two online. I have bought well over a thing or two and filling out your credit card stuff is usually a fairly unmemorable experience. Well, all you UX/UI designers, here’s an … Continue reading

12. June 2014 by dan corcoran

CreativeMornings quotes

I’ve had the awesome opportunity to attend some of the Detroit CreativeMornings monthly talks. You can hear some great talks and get some great quotes. Now, when you’re in the mood for some of those good quotes you can head … Continue reading

06. February 2014 by dan corcoran


Hey web designers! Wouldn’t it be awesome to quickly and easily create a icon webfont from your photoshop file? Well, the folks over at Ui Parade created an awesome photoshop plugin called glifo just for you (and me). By just changing some … Continue reading

07. January 2014 by dan corcoran


We all work with them. The stereotypical creative director always over your shoulder or the IT guy that is always upset about some macbook issue. Well, the good folks from mizaplas have put together Workwankers to help put names to those … Continue reading

06. January 2014 by dan corcoran

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