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Ghostlab / Device-Lab

For those of us who have to test websites on multiple devices there seems to be two ways to go. One, is something like BrowserStack which lets you test them all through a browser (which is nice) or two, actually … Continue reading

16. June 2014 by dan corcoran


Saw these keytags and definitely had  a few laughs. They have a huge selection so they probably have something for you! Brought to you by various projects, keytags is a very cool idea and you best believe i’ll be getting … Continue reading

17. January 2014 by dan corcoran


I enjoy a nicely designed clock and I’ve seen a few in my time. When I saw this FreakishCLOCK by Sabrina Fossi out of Italy I was impressed. Impressed probably doesn’t properly express how much I like it but enough about me and … Continue reading

19. September 2013 by dan corcoran

Festina diver watches packaging

So, let’s pretend you’re a diver looking for a new fancy watch. You, of course, need it to work like a boss under water. Now, how do you find such a watch? Maybe you could do some google searches.. or … Continue reading

17. June 2013 by dan corcoran


For those who know me, (or those who are just really good at internet stalking me) you may know that wood textures and I have a fairly embattled relationship. However, this is a situation that even I was drawn to some good ol’ fashion … Continue reading

19. March 2013 by dan corcoran

AÃRK Collective

You like watches? Of course you do. I’m the same way, although I tend to lean towards a simpler, cleaner style. AÃRK Collective is right up my aisle. The TIMELESS ONYX watch is a favorite of mine.. you know, in case … Continue reading

06. March 2013 by dan corcoran

Copy by Barracuda Networks

I’m sure most of you use Dropbox. It’s pretty handy, right? Well another service has poped up from Barracuda Networks called Copy. You may wonder why you would switch or pick Copy over Dropbox.. Well, the easy answer is the amount … Continue reading

04. March 2013 by dan corcoran


The technology people are working on nowadays is amazing. The new armband by MYO is another example of awesome things people are creating. Check out the video to see what the heck this little arm band can do. But  don’t … Continue reading

01. March 2013 by dan corcoran

Drip Maple

I’m going to be honest with you, breakfast is my favorite meal. Hands down. No questions. I’ve had my share of amazing breakfasts foods and ingredients, but there is something new on my radar. Drip Maple from Toronto, Ontario. I thought i’ve … Continue reading

28. February 2013 by dan corcoran

Stiff Pipe

I’m not a smoker, but I still find this pipe amazing. And I do have to say that when the time comes when I am a grandfather.. i will be a pipe smoker though. Something about it just screams “I … Continue reading

19. November 2012 by dan corcoran

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