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Supr Slim 2 Wallet

As something I carry everyday, you’d think I’d pay more attention to my wallet. Well, I haven’t. But that changes now. Thanks to the folks over at Supr and one of their most recent kickstarters. Say hello to the Supr Slim … Continue reading

01. December 2015 by dan corcoran

Karma Go Wifi Hotspot

Every once and a while I end up a place with no wifi. Some folks can just tether their phone to their computer. But since I’m grandfathered into AT&Ts unlimited data and to tether my phone i’d have to give up unlimited … Continue reading

01. December 2015 by dan corcoran

1M Hauly Heist

You remember that time you had a Million Dollars in bills and no low-key bag to carry it around in? No? Just me?… Ok me either. But SDR Traveller has put together a couple different bags that do just that. I … Continue reading

20. November 2015 by dan corcoran

Eight Sensible Gifts For Hanukkah

If you’re a fan of Cards Against Humanity then you should know about this. Every year Cards Against Humanity does something for the holidays. 2013, 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit. 2014, 10 Days Or Whatever Of Kwanzaa. Give them some cash … Continue reading

19. November 2015 by dan corcoran

Neon Mfg.

I never thought i’d want to get a neon sign but apparently Neon Mfg. has proven me wrong. They’ve got a few different sayings, graphics or even make your own but I think Hustle is my favorite of what they … Continue reading

18. November 2015 by dan corcoran

Fun Oreo Packaging

I know what you’re thinking. I love Oreos but I wish I could put my own personal touch on my oreo experience. Have no fear, Oreo has you covered! Oreo has put together a fun little web experience that lets … Continue reading

11. November 2015 by dan corcoran

Freelance hourly rates

Trying to decide your hourly freelance rate can be a tough decision. Are you priced too high? too low? What does do other freelancers like you charge? Have no fear, the folks over at Bonsai (an online contact builder for freelancers) … Continue reading

05. November 2015 by dan corcoran

Slack, ya heard of it?

Ok, so this post is to help catch up those folks that haven’t heard about Slack. I say this because everyone that brings up slack to an unknowing audience seems to act as if you’ve never heard of water “WHATTTTT?!?! … Continue reading

04. November 2015 by dan corcoran

Get Shit Done

I don’t have much to say about this mug expect for… I love it. It’s a great attitude that i think some folks don’t embrace enough. Get shit Done! Quote from Aaron Levie, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of Box, … Continue reading

26. June 2014 by dan corcoran

Pocket Art Director

I hope to one day own this die. For those days I just don’t know what to do to a project I’ll be able to turn to my very own Pocket Art Director. You know you’ll get a good laugh. … Continue reading

24. June 2014 by dan corcoran

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