Karma Go Wifi Hotspot

Every once and a while I end up a place with no wifi. Some folks can just tether their phone to their computer. But since I’m grandfathered into AT&Ts unlimited data and to tether my phone i’d have to give up unlimited data, I cannot do such things. Which puts Karma Go right up my alley. A wifi hotspot where you can pay for gbs as you go. No contract. The gbs don’t expire. Now that I just got my Karma Go in the mail after a brutal 3+week wait, it is now a permanent part of my computer bag. It’s much small than I expected it to be. Nice job guys, much appreciated!

P.S. They also just launched a $50 a month for as much data as your fancy little devices can use. Doesn’t make sense to me but I’m sure it may for some.

Karma Go Karma Go Karma Go

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