Slack, ya heard of it?

Ok, so this post is to help catch up those folks that haven’t heard about Slack. I say this because everyone that brings up slack to an unknowing audience seems to act as if you’ve never heard of water “WHATTTTT?!?! you haven’t heard of slack?!”. Don’t get me wrong, its a great communication platform, you can do some great things and is unbelievably flexible and easy customize. I just want to help you get you “in the know”.

It has integrations with the likes Box, Dropbox, Github, Google Calendar, GoToMeeting, IFTT, JIRA, MailChimp, Screenhero, Twitter, wunderlist, Zendesk and a ton more things. They have apps for iphone and android and even a native desktop app for mac. Its a serious product, even if we sometimes just use it as another platform to send animated gifs.

So go ahead, get in the know. Try it for free. They even have a pretty sweet homepage with some stats on how its helped teams.

</public service announcement>

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